0.5 Poor

Dhoom 2

Hrithik is always pleasure to watch, but watching this movie was like watching a cartoon film. ofcourse when someone comes out of a drainage due to water pressure...that's wht u see in a cartoon movie. Action was good but arises a lots of questions in viewers' mind. Nothing is justified and it seems that still bollywood has to learn a lot from hollywood when it comes to Action. Uday is good and Abhi is also good in this movie. Abhi should have more dialoges. Ash and Bipasha are just kept for skin show. It seems as if director wanted to finish movie as soon as possible coz he has kept lots n lots of loose ends, again problem in script.
Overall nice performances by stars but a not so good movie.Kids will like it.
(1) http://www.indiafm.com/features/2006/11/04/1790/index.html

And i totally agree with sumit bhatia with his review