2.5 Good

Dhoom 2

Does Dhoom 2 match up to its
The answer is Yes and No.There are things working in favour and against the proceedings.The locales chosen are exotic and fresh,in this era where every Tom Dick and Harry goes for outdoor shoots,It is always nice to see something new onscreen.The visual effects and action is just above par.Both hollywood and bollywood these days have made their Fights super-heroic which is now getting really irritating.Stunts were from fabulous to pathetic.
Indian Cops doing a "Bikerboyz" in brazil(as they have training for this since age of 5 was funny)??Music which was weak was compensated by excellent picturization and out of the world chreography.One wonders why Shaimak Davar is so Rare in Films.Hritik Roshan looks simply perfect.Whether its his physche dancing or action.Without doubt He is the "MAN" of Dhoom 2.The hard work of all his life is visible in his performance.Aishwarya Rai looks wonderful but she pitifully repetitive with all her expressions.Abhishek has always had a presence on screen and is a good actor but his role doesnt offer anything new. Bipasha is totally wasted Her role is similar to the role of that bimbo with javed jaffery in "Salaam Namaste.About Uday Chopra,one feels he should choose an alternate career,he is the most irritating part of any film he does.About the story well it does not have anything new to offer,but then neither all new stories are good nor all old ones bad.its all about how refreshing your story is.Dhoom 2 has too many loopholes to fill.Mr.A steals the diamond standing like a statue(innovative)but how does he get out as a old man(he might be a magician)"ACID"in the shoes(or maybe scientist)and flying thru the manhole(definetly"KRISHH").The cops are reduced to pathetic fools,who know the date and place usually but cant stop the robbery.
Just dont expect too much,leave your brains at home and you will enjoy the show.
Dhoom 2 worth only the ticket is the final verdict.