0.5 Poor

Dhoom 2

A total waste of time and money! There are so many loopholes in the script. To start of with, what does Hritik do with the things he has stolen? And why does Hritik go to Ash the next day when last night he clearly told her he won't work with her? Why the sudden change of mind? Also......Hritik was suppossed to be the "smartest thief in the world" and all that......then how come he didn't ever find out that Ash is betraying him? Ash certainely never did any thing so convincing! The director hasn't bother to answer any of these questions. At times, the director makes Hritik look like the soolest thief in the world.........and then he makes Hritik look like some emotional fool! Bips is looking totally hot.......and I think it's only Hritik and Bipasha who make the movie somehow bearable! Ash looks cheap and gets veryyy annoying at times, and has proved yet again that she knows nothing abt acting! Uday is veryy annoying and Abhi is a hnuge dissappointment!! On the whole, Dhoom2 is one of the weakest movies ever meade in bollywood!