2.5 Good

Dhoom 2

All that hollywood stuff (specilly matrix and mi2) kind of stuffs repeated again. Dont we have enough talent to generate original stunt scenes. There is no doubt about the execution of stunts in dhoom2, but what is striking that why are those stunts imitated? And those action scenes acting against gravity, its too much now.
The real hero of the movie is the man behind make-up stuffs. Mind blowing!!! All the different faces given to Hritik are just of international quality. May be even better than hollywood!!
When it comes to indiividual performances, Hritik rocks. Simply best!! No two views about it.
Abhiskek is okay. But he is too serious. Do die hard cops never laugh. Come on man take a chill pill!
Aishwaria has such a fair skin then why is she forcibly shown with wheetish using that over make up. Specially while table conversation of turn by trun shoot with Hritik in second half.
Bipasha what was she doing there just for that bikini shot, one song and some shooting practise.
Uday is strictly okay. He goes over the top on many occassions.
Music, by Pritam, is just the hindrance in the movie's progress. Had Hritik not been there to do trade-mark dancing steps songs would have been total disaster.
On the whole, those people ready to shut down their minds and watch Hritik as a real performer and his excellent make-up exhibition it will be delight or else it is going to dissapoint.