0.5 Poor

Dhoom 2

Let me start fast so that i can finish this review soon coz i dont even feel like recollecting about this sick movie. Thts how it feels !!
So ill just give you an idea about it without revealing the storyline (doesnt exist any). The movie starts off with an action sequence which makes u feel as if ur experiencing 'Cartoon Network' on the big screen ie. Its not convincing at all. The entry style and the dialogues tht he utters at his entry make you cry (no its nt an emotional setting). The same sequence has the entry of Abhishek as well which is quite well shot but this gud feeling doesn't last for long till the sceane ends. After this scene you will feel as if Uday Chopra will take the charm out of the movie by shelling out his PJ's like he did in his entry but surprisingly this doesnt happn; his dialogues have been improved later (Thank God !! coz its only Uday who has some dialogues in the entire movie).

Now comes Bipasha Basu. She looks absolutely stunning though she has nothing to do. She exists in the first half for no damn reason ! ... The comes Aishwarya Rai who looks stunning but ! but ! but ! .....hold ur breath .... exibits such fantastic acting skills that it makes you feel as if she seriously needs some acting classes. She better switch to modelling. She will definately have a great future thr . !!!

I feel sorry for Hritik coz he works really hard to do his best but doesnt get to act much as thr r not many dialogues in the movie and even if there are any, then they are not convincing or they are for Uday. He has many looks in the movie but sadly they dont work as they look very unreal (minus 10 to the director here for such bad visualisation of characters). The movie only exits for its looks where Hritik does a gr8 job.Tht too the looks are only limited to the actors. Hritik looks better than Abhishek (Abhishek looks Ghaati here !).

The action sequences make you pray to God "please dont show me this nonsense again" but the action directors are in no mood (hahahahaha you have to watch it to beleive it). They dish out one after one such action sequences which make u feel that you have wasted your money (Rs 150 for me).

Bipasha Basu looks stunning in the second half too but hahahahahaha .... sorry cant stop laughing at the nonsense i have seen today. After the film ends you say to ut self "why the hell was she there in the first half !!! ???

Now for the for the screenplay dialogues and writing .. .... The screenplay is too (chewing gum ke jaisa jaisa kheecha hai picture ko) ..... Gud dialogues dont exist; dont waste ur time being patient for one througout the movie. Sanjay Gadhvi the director needs a break after Dhoom he has made a mess of it

The music too doesnt do much but only adds to your frustation. The 1st Half is full of songs be ready for tht. Ya Ya ur rite Pritam should have copied a couple of more songs and mixed all in one ( u know thts his secret for a hit).
And then suddenly your eyes will open up .... No No thrz nothing worth watching ....ur eyes will open to go home after a good sleep.
And for all who are saying tht DHOOM:2 has changed the way action films are made in India, I tell them
"Go and get a collection of Mithun Chakrabothys action flicks. They are far more convincing and funny too"