4.5 Excellent


Awesome movie.....I Never expected Dhol to be this good. First of all I am one of the priyadarshan's biggest fan and each and every movie of him i have watched 1st day i think i never missed any of them yet and when it comes a joyride movie like dhol peoples admiration for him gets more and more.He is a great director .I loved almost every movie of him starting from Gardish to Malamaal weekly but Bhagam Bhag disappointed me.He knows how to make people laugh not by forcefully but by situationally.I have watched DHOL 1st day and trust me i really enjoyed a lot and this movie has made me fell down from my seat . May be its not better than Hera pheri and Malamaal Weekly but its far better than last few couple of comedy movie of priyadarshan and other movie like Dhamaal as well .It seems Priyadarshan's comeback was superb once again.When it comes to an actor like Rajpal Yadav fun ride becomes more and more. As Rajpal yadav and Paresh Rayal are well known for priyadarshan's movie. In the absence of paresh rawal he doesn't let audiences to feel his absence . Rajpal yadav compensates for him .Rajpal yadav delivers his best once again after Malamaal Weekly.Without him this movie would'nt have been that good .After watching this movie I am damn sure that Rajpal yadav will recieve an award as the Best Actor In a Comic Role.As far as the songs are concerned Hadsa and title song Dhol Bajaake are good to hear and rest of the songs are useless.All in all superb movie to watch for .Its a must watch movie for those whose favourite genre is Comedy.Highly recommended.Hats off to priyadarshan Once again for his effort.Two thumbs up.This movie should deserve a verdict superhit at the box office.