3.5 Very Good

First of all its a typical comedy that has nothing much to offer .This kind of a movie we have already come across before .e.g->Ishq , masti ,pyaremohan .In Some parts Indra kumar tried to keep the story look different and it seems some character has been forcefully taken into this movie but otherwise everything is same.This movie stands out because of three characters that is Ashrani , Javed Jafferi and Vijay raaj without them movie would have been a big zero but thanx to Indra kumar for starcasting them in this movie .As far as songs are concerned all sounds well .I had lots of expectation in this movie but it didnt stand that well .All in all Typical Indra kumar comedy you can go for it you wont be disappointed but it would be better if you go and watch Rgv's Darling first in this weekend.