4 Very Good

Delhi Belly

Every now and then Bollywood brings in a movie which re defines its definition. A definition of which many people(read Bollywood actors/directors) are proud of, which is, full on Bollywood masala films, they have the usual drama, action, romance, andhi maa, budha baap, kawari behan, ameer girl friend, etc etc. But then few take steps, or rather BOLD steps to churn out the other type of movies which don’t have those usual stuff and then we, the audience, mostly love spending our time and money on them.

‘Delhi Belly’ is one of those rare movies that has been made in Bollywood in the recent time which showcase the urban population, boys and girls who are full of spirit and freedom, they do what they like to and say WTF… just like that.
The story about three room mates who are working in this bad world of media, Imran being a reporter, Kunaal Roy Kapoor(the ‘JUST MOHABBAT GUY’-the fat one) being his photographer and Vir ( Stand up comedian) being a cartoonist in an ad agency. They share the usual boy type room in some underbelly of Delhi, full of Delhiness. The script brings lots of new twist to a simple story with as many abusing words as they can have , without even overdoing it, because, this is how today’s youngsters talk to each other. Saying behan**** is their favourite takiya kalaam now-a-days. The story is fresh, and showcases that part of Delhi which has almost never been captured by any of the movies before. Can you believe, a movie shot entirely in Delhi just have one single shot of CP. All thanks to the DOP(cinematographer). Direction is first class, acting by all is superb, even Shehnaz (of Ishq-Vishq fame) is adoringly good. Vijay Raaz is good as always. The new girl (Poorna Jagannathan) has left a great impact in terms of natural acting. Overall, Delhi Belly couldn’t be made without those ‘gaalis’, that is for sure. The hit songs, Bhaag D K Bose and Nakkadwale Disco surely been missed, they just being played in the background. Aamir Khan’s item number has been shot superbly and a tribute to yesteryear’s stars, like Mithun, Govinda and Bappi Da.

If you are going for the movie with your family(though I will not recommend that), be ready to hide your face.. a must watch with your boy-gang. And be ready to hear lots of gaalis and stuff like that. You wont be surprised when one of the guy says,” This girl gave me a blow***”, right in-front of her family and in-laws at her wedding. That’s how bold the movie is, and it is without a single beep. Enjoy your 1 hour 50 minutes.