2 Average


Delhi-6..another album by Mr.A.R.Rahman..means another Hit album of the year.This album will do well just because golden globe success of A.R.Rahman and obviously for his brand of music also.I am also very fond of his music.But I am really feeling very bad to say that this album does not live upto the expectations.When the very first promo of Delhi-6 came with Masakkali I loved it.Then Arziya.But after listening to the album I cant really find any other good song which you like truly as the other Rahman songs.
My words might not be liked by many Rahman fans.I am also his fan.Then also it is my duty to say what is wrong.Delhi-6 is below average than Rahman's quality.Masakkali and Arziya are only two songs for which you may buy it.Genda fool is another song which is good.
But for sure this will be one of the most successfull albums of the year.But still,from my point of view..this album is very poor.Sorry Rahmanji.I wish I am not right.But I can not be wrong also as a common fan of yours.