4 Very Good

AWESUM MOVIE! belongs to ritesh! PERFECT for light comedy/romance luvers..very very CUTE!

Ok..so i didn't even hear about this movie before today because I hardly watch any movies nowadays, since I've lost all my interest...so for me to actually register to this site just to write a review is big..i just heard the song in nach baliye and then while searched up ritesh i found that he's in this movie..so i watched it..

i won't say this movie's a flawless superhit comedy or sumthing..but if you're bored you need a good time pass..if you like light romantic stories, with a bit of laughter and sum cute adorable friends and a sweet luv story..& if you like ritesh..then i bet ur gonna luv this movie..

don't go on the ratings..or the trailers and low publicity..like i said its not a super duper hit..so don't expect anything of it..i saw it expecting it to be a total flop and expecting myself to turn it off midway..yet i actually luved it so much i saw it till the end till 4 am!

so if ur a person who questions every aspect of a movie..is very critical or analytical..then i suggest you let this one go..however if ur sum1 who once a while likes to just watch sum light cute sweet movie not a super hit but just a good time pass with sum decent acting- then i highly suggest this movie...its a pretty good time pass and for ritesh luvers like me its a movie to cherish!

even though the story focuses on ayesha-aftab's luv story..the movie undoubtedly belongs to ritesh..he proves how amazing an actor he is once again by this movie..and also shows his excellent versitality..rimi sen's character starts off as very annoying i hated her when she entered..but after the interval she becums quiet funny at times though she hardly has any good jokes to crack..ayesha is luking real cute..aftab's gud too...

give it a try..only when ur extremely bored..or depressed..& dont expect much of it..:)
i wnt say its flawless..can easily point out many flaws..especially the songs..except for de taali nun others were worthwhile..but i watched them becuz the trio acted very well in the songs:)..so i wont start ont he flaws becuz overall i liked the film..the sum is def. greaters than the parts and the sum is pretty gud!