4 Very Good

Dariya Dil

There have been many Family Movies in Bollywood. Family values work in Hindi Movies more then it does in Hollywood. There have been 1000s of Hindi Movies about family life with Jeetendra, Mithun and Rajesh Khanna being the regulars. Dariya Dil is one of the Best Family Drama's around. Its a simple story of a father who has a special bond for giving charity to the poor gets miss treated two of his sons. Govinda plays the Good son who respects his father. The other 2 sons are lazy and ill mannered. They treat their parents in a bizarre way and eventually kick them out of the house. Govinda does a good job in the role. Kimi Katkar is one of Bollywood's most annoying actresses, you'll know why if you see her films. It is Kader Khan who delivers a powerhouse performance as the struggling father. We can see a similar role in the Hit Amitabh movie Baghban. Baghban had a better finish where the father doesn't forgive the sons. Dariya Dil is a good family movie.