3.5 Very Good

Just watched this movie here in Abu Dhabi UAE,well somehow I feel Dabang 2 is good but not that great,so many movies we have seen like this before,nothing new a typical bollywood masala movie with hero like one man army beating so many goons without hurting himself,it is very similar to first Dabang and Ajay Devgan's Singham.One corrupt politician vs cop,same kind of songs like first Dabang,some comedy and big dose of action and same old repeated story.
Movie length is just 2 hours,songs are just ok,"fevicol se" is better as compared to others.Action scenes are nice but well written punchy dialogues are missing and confrontation between hero and villain is short and ordinary.I think confrontation between Salman and same villain in his earlier movie "Wanted"and between same villain and Ajay Devgan in "Singham" was much better,overall ok ok movie especially for die hard Salman Khan fans