3 Good


Movie: Chakradhaar

Rating: 3/5

Usually it is believed that independent filmmakers don't know the true art of filmmaking, and neither do their films entertain. But this thing doesn't happen in the case of Chakradhaar- The film which introduces new hero Abishek Anand. It's true that the film is just good and could have been a lot better, but it's good that at least the filmmakers have done something that gets hold of the right nerve of the average cinegoer.

Abishek Anand has done well in the fights and a few scenes. However, he needs to improve on a few accounts, especially performance. Dialogue delivery is a bit weak, since the character of Pandit is very strong, energetic and angry, but his voice is a little meek to do justice to the character. Other actors, like Zakir Hussain, Darshan Jariwala, Yashpal Sharma etc do their parts well. However, a bit of overacting is provided by Akhilendra Mishra, whose few expressions will leave you laughing even when he's serious. Same with Abishek Anand, whose laughter does not portray his roughness as a hero and even looks funny to some extent.

Coming to story and screenplay, it's adequately done with. The climax of the film is really good. There are various links between a number of scenes, which make you feel good. The dialogues too are good for such an independent film. Besides, the film is OK in music department. The song Bin Tere is really impressive. However, other songs are not even worth humming. But the best thing is that the songs are not lengthy enough to hinder the flow of the film, and come only when required.

Coming to action, which is the main genre of this film, it's really cool and impressive, like the one in climax and few fights in first half of the film. The technical department is well handled and manages to leave a mark upon the viewer. However, despite all this, the film manages to shine only occasionally. The film's story presents the true social issues and sometimes, their solutions as well. But the film seems to be downed by a few poor performances and that too of the hero, whose always supposed to be the strength of the film. Thus many a times you get a feel in between as if you are watching a stranger's film.

Overall, Chakradhaar is a good effort by the makers, that caters to action buffs, and other action loving audiences. If you love action movies like me and can watch them without minding who the hero is, then Chakradhaar is for you. Worth a watch.