4 Very Good

Good effort Shimit Amin, keep it up. "CHAK DE AMIN"

I liked the movie, it is sincere effort of making something different then the regular melodrama and larger then life movie. Hollywood is having a long list of movies featuring different genre of sports from baseball to basketball from american football to car racing like Jerry Maguire,Remember the Titans, We Are Marshall, The Longest Yard, Invincible, Days if Thunder, The Rookie, Coach Carter, Escape to victory, Milliondollar Baby, Rocky, Seabiscuit...and many more. I am great fan of Action, Sci-Fi and soft Romantic movies. I specially like sports movie because they not only motivates you but also lifts you spirit.

Whenever I use to watch Hollywood sports movies, I use to think why it is not happening in Bollywood. There are very few Bollywood movies, even you can count on fingers like Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, Lagaan, Iqbal, Bend it like Beckham..and few of boxing movies..you can include Apne if you want.

I would say if you love sports, you must watch this movie at least once. Specially kids.