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Music: Willii Saadhak, Anuj Garg, Sayanthi-Shailendra, Dhiren Raichura, Sujit Joshi- Dhwanit Joshi & Gourav Das Gupta

Lyrics: Panchhi Jalonvi

Music label: T-Series


A small film with multiple composers and one lyricist - this seems to be a growing trend (Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns, Aarakshan, Yamla Pagla Deewana 2, Satyagraha) now. Of course, we seriously cannot have any expectations from a small film that people barely know about. This is where we can never be really disappointed but can be pleasantly shocked if the score is a revelation.


However, even the low expectations are not really met. Most of the tracks are fashioned like Indi pop numbers - the kind of songs that were popular in the 10 to 15 years ago - that are decked up to sound 'today'. The lyrics (Panchhi Jalonvi) are routine, but for a couple of interesting exceptions like 'Gol gol' and 'Sab kuch badal gaya', the former being a screwball take on the kinks of this duniya and the latter being how love has made the whole world look different to the guy who has fallen hook line and sinker for a girl.

Both the songs are composed by Sayanthi-Shailendra, the former with a sense of fun and rhythm and Mika Singh, yet again getting the better track in an album, sings 'Gol gol' paradoxically (!) straight, minus frills. Mohit Chauhan gets a routine track in 'Sab kuch badal gaya, helped in a small way by Sayanthi warbling a few English words. The song sounds very catchy while being played, but does not linger.Anuj Garg, who last scored the nice 'I love to love you' in Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster (2011), composes and sings the tangy 'Kaccha Papad'¸ again a crooked look at love, along with 'Labh Janjua'. Beginning in a gimmicky way, the rhythm-heavy Punjabi-pop number is excellently and cleanly orchestrated and proves that Garg needs more opportunities to show his talent.

The opening title-track, 'Boyss will be boyss' composed and co-rendered by Willii Saadhak and Sonika Sharma with lead artiste Neeraj Shridhar takes a leaf out of the Pritam book, minus the hum-worthy simplicity and clean orchestral finesse of that composer. Neeraj shines though, rising above the cacophony. And if the original is noisy, what price the remix of this song (the last track here) in which some more 'noise' is added?

'Coffee shop mein ho gaya nain matakka' (Saashaa Tirupathi) is actually co-composed by three people (Dhiren Raichura, Sujit Joshi, Dhwanit Joshi) and we do not know what is so extraordinary in this ordinary song that needed three music makers. The singer too is more gimmicky than competent.

As for 'Dreaming', it is a fantasy come true for Anup Jalota fans who may have wished to have the 'Bhajan Samrat' and ghazal ace actually sing a pop number. For bonus, there is Sunidhi Chauhan as his partner, but Gourov Das Gupta's song would have been appreciated in a pop album fifteen years ago. Here, despite the novelty of both Anup's voice and the singer combo, we forget it as soon as it is over.


We still are waiting for that small, faceless film in which music is the selling-point. When did we have the last such film? Memory eludes us after Aashiqui !

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