3.5 Very Good


I am a huge Salman Khan fan... Loved Wanted, Dabangg , enjoyed Ready and am eagerly waiting for Bodyguard.

For me the music of Bodyguard is Good, just Good! The songs are not as superb as the songs of Dabangg or Ready (only Dhinka Chika and Character Dheela).

1) The only song that makes me sway is "I Love You". That is the best song of the lot period, be it the original version or the unplugged one. The way Ash King, Clinton Cerejo sing this song , is absolutely delightful. Then comes Shaan with his rendition of I Love You and takes the song to a new height.

2) I really dont understand why people are loving "Teri Meri"? The song could have been a hundred times better if it the pace was slower and I just hate the sound of organ that comes in the starting and middle of the song. Violins could have made this song hear wrenching cause the lyrics are simply superb. After "Tere Mast Mast Do Nain" no song of Rahat Fateh, which has been sung for Salman Khan, worked for me be it Teri Meri or Meri Ada Bhi (Ready). Above Average !

3) Salman Khan and Mika once again together. Had a lot of expectations from "Desi Beat" but a hugely disappointed. After Dhinka Chika the song Desi Beat just does not click. Average.

4) Why is Salman Khan even credited for the song Bodyguard? He only has a line in it. The lyrics are a description how his fans see him. He is the Bhaijaan of millions. Again an average track.