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Blood Money Music Review



One has mixed expectations from the music of Blood Money. Unlike a quintessential Bhatt film, there hasn't been enormous hype created around its music. Also, the film hasn't been pitched as a mega affair, something that time and again happens with say, an Emraan Hashmi starrer. On the flipside one can't forget some memorable music that was composed for Kunal Khemmu's Kalyug, again a Bhatt film. Moreover except for a rare day off or so (case in point being films like Showbiz, The Killer), Bhatts have never gone wrong when it comes to their music. Also with Jeet Gannguli making a comeback as a composer, Sangeet-Siddharth Haldipur & Pranay chipping in with a song each and Sayeed Quadri as the lyricist for majority of songs, the stage is set for Blood Money to pleasantly surprise.


Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is the man roped in to do the job for the opening number 'Chaahat'. With melody as a base to it, the song has various shades to it and while it starts slow, it goes on tough high notes as Sayeed Quadri's lyrics turn further passionate. By the time 'antara' begins, you know that this one totally belongs to the Bhatt territory. A pleasant sounding number, it is the one for the hearts in love though one has to admit that this one doesn't quite have an out and out happy feel to it as somewhere behind it all; one can sense a tinge of sadness as well.

The one that follows has a touch of ferocity to it and one can sense the protagonist's qualms of hurting the one closest to him. Now this one could have been one situational outing that may have clearly gone into a zone where it would have been relegated to being termed as yet another 'dard-e-judaai' number. However 'Gunaah' ensures that the pace and tempo is maintained well. One has to credit Mustafa Zahid here for the passion with which he sings this fusion track.

On the other hand there is an altogether different mood that is set once Rana Mazumder comes up with his own 'unplugged version'. Rendered quite slowly and in a heartfelt manner that pretty much brings to fore the pathos of the character, this version of 'Gunaah' manages to create its own identity and promises to appear in the film at a crucial juncture. Also, as one hears the song repeatedly, it is difficult to ignore the Kishore Kumar touch (strictly in the manner of singing) that Jeet manages to bring out of his singers.

The album only continues to get better with every passing song as guest composer comes up with a smash track 'Teri Yaadon Se'. A beautifully composed number that takes just one listening to make you fall in love with it, it has the kind of lyrics with which one hopes Sayeed Quadri, gets his due recognition, something that has been ignored for way too long now. A love song that could have become overtly song, it in turn turns out to be very enjoyable. Moreover Mustafa Zahid too makes best use of the platform made available to him and the effect of that is seen once he goes all out for the 'remix version' as well. Expect this fast paced version to find its way into the clubs and the dance floors. This also translates into the fact that Pranay, despite being given a window for just one song, makes his presence felt in a big way.

It is back to Jeet-Quadri combo with 'Jo Tere Sang' and by the time you have just heard the 'mukhda', the verdict is clear - Bhatts have a winner in 'Blood Money' here. A song about remembering the good times gone by and longing to get back all that has been lost, 'Jo Tere Sang' is third in a row for Mustafa Zahid who gives a good account of himself. Also, don't miss Jeet's arrangements between the 'mukhda' and the 'antara' that are retro to the core. Moreover Quadri's lyrics assure that it would be pretty much story telling at play here once the song plays in the film's narrative.

Guest lyricist Kumaar and composers Sangeet-Siddharth Haldipur come together for the first out and out happy number in Blood Money - 'Arzoo'. Expected to arrive at the very start of the film, hence establishing love between the protagonists before 'money' leads to 'blood', 'Arzoo' also showcases a different side of singer Clinton Cerejo. On any other day this would have falled into the lap of Shaan or Kay Kay. However with Bhatts known to experiment time and again, their decision to rope in Clinton pays off as well with the singer ensuring yet another entertaining track.


Blood Money boasts of songs that range from being good to very good. When most other filmmakers are playing with the formula of two love songs, one Punjabi track, an item number and a theme piece, Bhatts have ensured that they continue with their very own formula which not many have been able to crack over the years. The ones who help their cause are Jeet Ganguuli, Sayeed Quadri, Pranay, Sangeet-Siddharth and Kumaar who together ensure that as a team they deliver what is expected out of them. Though music of Blood Money won't really disappear from the shelves in quickest time possible, it has in it to make way into the collection of those who like their music to be timeless.


Teri Yaadon Se (remix), Gunaah (unplugged), Chaahat

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