4 Very Good

Black Friday

First of all, let me clarify that Black Friday is more of a documentary, than a feature film. It tells the tale of 1993 Bombay blasts, and conspiracy behind it. It was made a couple of years ago, but never got released since the matter was sub judice.

Now that the movie has finally seen the light of the day, question arises - was it worth the wait? Definitely! After you watch the movie, you’ll realise how much home-work the director has done. He didn’t intend to make the movie to grab attention or cash in on the 1993 riots. Black Friday is a very honest attempt to portray the reality of the 1993 blasts.

If you’ve seen the 9/11 commission report, then you’ll appreciate Black Friday even more, for the kind of details it goes into. It doesn’t try to preach, just portrays the facts. It very beautifully outlines how the Muslim youth in India got misled and betrayed by their so-called leaders. Pawan Malhotra, as Tiger Memom, is terrific.

The very fact that is the film’s USP, is also it’s shortcoming - the details. The details of each character, along with frequent going back and forth in time, makes the movie a little heavy for the viewer. For example, Baadshah Khan’s track is a bit too long. But I also understand from director’s point of view that it had to be dragged so the audience can relate to Baadshah Khan’s disillusionment.