4.5 Excellent

Black Friday

Friday 13 march 1993 was the day that shook Bombay, shook Bombay to the core because until then Bombay never thought it was susceptible. Black Friday tries to show the chaos and after effects of that fateful day, what led to these serial bombings and who were the people behind one of first acts of terrorism in India.

Make no doubts about it, but this should be the movie that should be sent to the Oscars irrespective of which movie becomes the year’s biggest commercial hit, because this is Indian cinema at its peak, these are the kind of movies that have a chance there, which bring recognition to the country, that truly reflects our capabilities.Anurag Kashyap has created a modern day masterpiece and his efforts are worth the highest of praises.

The interrogation scenes shot in photo studio red hue is very very close to what actually happens in police stations. The screenplay would have been aided by the book by S.Hussain Zaidi by the same name Black Friday, but anyways the script is gripping. the chase sequence involving a bomb blast fugitive were he runs for his life,stops,hides,runs again, stumbles and is finally too exhausted to do anything is pure genius.

The immaculate planning by Tiger Memon, the fund aiding and support of ISI, the arms smuggled into Bombay, the fleeting appearance of Dawood Ibrahim are given appropriate footage to create the necessary impact. The film traces the purpose of the blasts; it shows the state of mind of the people involved, their rigorous training and poisoning of minds while they are made to listen incendiary audio cassettes.

Black Friday has remained in the cans for more than two years after its completion but the product is still very fresh and more so relevant than ever before.
The narration is interspersed with news footages and archives from the 1990’s.The span of incidents that occurred during Dec. 92’-May 93’ are sequenced unconventionally as it goes forth, then back, and then further back then forth again. it was banned because it takes the name of people who were involved in the chain of events, presents the truth as it is without kowtowing to any individual, religious groups, political organization or nation,.

The film is made for an intelligent, aware and open minded audience who are willing and eager to know the truth and understand the gravity of this incident.Pawam Malhotra as Tiger Memon is
’ A’ rate. He emotes his fury and shows cunningness with his eyes. We should see more of him. Kay Kay‘s performance is restrained brilliance.

Black Friday shows the minutest of details about the incidents if viewed with suffice attention. More than anything else for our generation watch it to learn about our recent past, to understand how communalism sprouted, how intelligence agencies operate, how every body is vulnerable because there is more to the world than meets the eye.

It’s two thumbs up, four star rating and a vote for India’s this year’s official entry to Oscars—Black Friday.