4.5 Excellent

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

ENTERNAINER OF NEW GENRE....I have not watched the other versions of own so I cannot compare..but I can safely say that BB has class in its own. People might disagree and then I m not a critic...I am just a aam admi who goes to cinema to enjoy, to get entertained and forget my daily worries. This movie gives me all. An entertainer; a cocktail of comedy, suspense and horror. Although missed some comic scenes at certain places and as Taran mentioned some explanation to be overlooked in a comic movie but still its much better than those pakaoo movies being manufactured every week like anything. I watched the movie last week but still the movie really keeps me thinking of the various scenes and amuse me; like Rasika Joshi's shhh shhh every time she sees Akshay; Vidya's makeup in the dance sequence...the dance by Vineeth in the flashback...the 'aami monjulika' thing still rings a bell in my ear; overall this works really well. Mahmud messed it up a bit in Bhoot bangla with bad makeup and dress design (otherwise the script was good there as well); some body should give it a sensible try of doing a remake and compete Bhool Bhoolaiya.
Regarding the individual performances, its Akshay Kumar who gaves a 'DHONI' touch to the movie. Akshay has now come a long way..he had a shaky middle career after a kool start with Khiladi and main khiladi tu anari..with giving baddies like lahoo key do rang, daava, khiladi no. 420 etc....and then came hera-pheri which effected both Paresh and Akshay. While hrithiks and shahrukhs were making noises in foreground, this man was busy giving marvellous performances in khaaki, waqt, mujhse shaadi karogi ..and now Bhool -B; Akshay really carried out the movie on his shoulder in the latter part and proved his mantle.
This does not mean that I want to disgrace Vidhya, another front runner for marvellous actor. Her eyes do most of the talking in the movie. When talking about posessed bodies, she does not hamm as what Urmila did it in Bhoot.
I would have expected more of our chota hero 'Rajpal Yadav'. How is he always able to tickle that funny bone? I am always surprised. The rest of the people performed what they were expected to do including Paresh Rawal and Vikram Gokhale.