2.5 Good

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

To begin with priyadarshan is really an awesome director. One film and so many visions, is quite commendable. Bhool Bhulaiya was initially made in Malayalam then in Tamil and now in Hindi. the movie from the start to the end is exact carbon copy, with the exception of the songs. frankly speaking the songs featured in the film did not go with the context of the story. For instance, when Akshay goes to find details about Vidya's past; the song played made no sense at all, when you compare it to the Malayalam film. if you had to remake the film then the music should also have been atleast a 50% inspired too. there were quite a lot of flaws in the film when remade, the movie had to be subtle but everythign right from the start was so obvious that the suspense did not last very long. the story and the concept is superb. Indian cinema to come up with such a psychoclogical thriller, was amazing.