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Bheja Fry 2 Music Review


On it's release, Bheja Fry was primarily a song-less film. Of course with the stakes getting higher for the film's sequel, it was imperative that there is music added to the proceedings as well. Though there are apprehensions around how songs would really fit into Bheja Fry 2 which promises to be yet another laugh-a-minute affair with Vinay Pathak returning as the loveable comedian, one still plays on the album that has Ishq Bector leading from the front as a composer with Sneha Khanwalkar and Sagar Desai chipping in with a song apiece. Sonny Ravan, Shree D and Shakeel are the lyricists.


There is a particular style of music which is expected from Ishq Bector and he delivers on the same lines as well with 'Ishq Da Keeda Mujhe Kaat Gaya', the opening track of the album. Designed to be an irritating number, courtesy the fact that it is picturised on Vinay Pathak, 'Ishq Da Keeda' is about him falling in love. Written by Sonny Ravan and Shree (who also comes behind the mike alongside Ishq Bector), it isn't the kind of song that you want to play on in isolation. However, one does expect a funky music video to be created around it which is promising enough to make it a funny watch.

Ishq Bector, Sonny Ravan and Shree D come together again for 'We Go Crazy' (arriving in a 'remix version' as well) which is far peppier than 'Ishq Na Keeda' and has good ingredients in it that should make it a fun affair. Apeksha Dandekar dominates the middle portions of the song and genuinely seems to be enjoying her outing here. One waits to see if the makers have already created a music video around this. If not then they should do that pronto for sure!

Sneha Khanwalkar, who is known for her peppy tracks with a rustic touch to them, is roped in a guest composer for Bheja Fry 2 and she goes on to create 'O Rahi' which is set in the 60s mode. Written by Shakeel who goes on to pen down some philosophy about life, it's highlight is Vinay Pathak who turns into a singer. Yes, he does fairly well in his new role but the song by itself doesn't carry much appeal for anyone except for those who still swear by music of the 60s.

Rekha Rao sings 'Banjaare' which seems to have a (item) setting similar to that of 'Laila O Laila' (Chalo Dilli). However, it just doesn't make you revisit it despite its rhythmic setting. Written by Shakeel, it just doesn't seem to be going anywhere and doesn't turn out to be the kind of number that could elevate the prospects of an album.

Last to arrive is 'Burra Na Maano Ji' which tries to continue from where composer Ishq Bector and lyricists Sonny Ravan and Shree D left with 'Ishq Da Keeda' and 'We Go Crazy'. Just about managing to pass muster, one wonders at this point whether all songs in the album would indeed make it to the final cut of the film. One expects that at best there may be a couple of music videos and maybe a song or two forming a part of the background score. Coming back to 'Burra Na Maano Ji', it has Dolly Peters pairing up with Shree D (who does a good job in sounding like Vinay Pathak) with the end result being just about ordinary.


Except for 'We Go Crazy' and 'Ishq Da Keeda', there isn't much to look forward to in the music of Bheja Fry 2. Not that these two songs make for a great hear either but they have the kind of mood and rhythm that promise to fit in well with the setting of Bheja Fry 2. There is a potential to have reasonable sales for the album if the makers could get music videos created around these songs.


We Go Crazy, Ishq Da Keeda

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