3.5 Very Good

Band Baaja Baaraat

Shruti is a 20-something no-nonsense girl from a middle class Delhi household. Focused and determined with preplanned ambitions, her goals in life are well laid out by the time she reaches her final year of college. Bittoo, on the other hand, has no real aim in life. As a final year college student of Delhi University, he whiles away his life having fun with his buddies, barely scraping through his exams. A chance and inopportune meeting (or as you would call it, fate) brings the two of them together on a tumultuous journey.

well i will call this movie the second most favorite romantic comedy of this year after Anjaana Anjaani. i found this movie very refreshing just like it with a whole new concept, different story and plot and a new fresh pair with great music.. the whole business partner cum lover thing was really sweet, charming and good. well Direction of this movie is decent considering the debutant director, nice job considering its not based on the same old cliche plot. Yash banner after poor movie Pyaar Impossible and above average work place/business rom com like this one Badmaash Company chose a good and fresh script. good job by them. they are going innovative with very new themes and stuff.

Anushka sharma is one of the most beautiful women on earth, very beautiful and extremely gorgeous, she literary lights up the whole movie. and she acted very well. good job. this movie marks debut of Ranveer Singh in Bollywood. he is ok in the movie, tried very hard in it and somehow did a decent job. well done long way to go. he is not that handsome or good looking though. their pair is damn good. they look very good together. the costumes and art direction is good, they have wedding planner business so all the colorful costumes and light and decorations very good.

now the songs of this movie are excellent, they caught me on very first time when i listened. definitely one of the best movie music albums out this year. some songs are my most favorite one, DUM DUM, AADHA ISHQ, MITRA, AINVAYI AINVAYI and other. too good with very good choreography. the twist and turns in this movie are really good too. its seriously unpredictable you will have no idea where it is actually heading. its a good romantic comedy, sweet charming and fresh. Go see it.