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It was 1975, a time when they say India fought for its second independence. It was a time of turmoil, a tile where destinies could be made or destroyed, and fortunes stolen or lost. A time when power was absolute. In a time like that, the quasi-government went after royal...

Giranjali, the unlikely princess, alien to her land, alien to its habits and its needs, was unceremoniously arrested and thrown into jail by the powers that be. As her palace was being looted, her only hope was Bhawani Singh, who she knew could stop her treasure from being taken away.

Bhawani recruits a team of badasses like himself; Daliya –a hopeless, slippery flirt who everybody knows and who knows everybody, who sleeps in brothels and wakes up on the stress. In fact was even born on them. But he is loyal only to Bhawani.

Tikla AKA Guruji; is the quintessential wizened old man, a booze- guzzling, wisecracking locksmith whose fingers are sharper than knives. The sexy but stoic Sanjana, a loyalist to Gitanjali joins them, and their mission commences: to stop Gitanjali’s gold from being taken away by an elite army led by the joint smoking Major Seher Singh.

They have 96 hours; and the distance is 600 kms of open desert. The odds are heavily stacked against then. But are there the real odds? Or will interpersonal rivalries, political jealousies, royal secrets, human deceit and the unforgiving desert become the forces they will have to overcome…

As each of their moral fibres, badass reserves, and street smart survival instincts are tests, the 6 characters hurtle towards a sandstorm that could either destroy everything, or sweep it all clean.

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