2.5 Good


I decided to go along with a few friends to watch B.R.Chopra's latest movie Baabul. The promos seemed good and the theme was different so we were quite enthusiastic about it.

We went on Monday for the 7:30 pm show and were shocked to see the cinema was not even half-full. I don't know what had happened, generally Hindi movies work well at this part but this time it just wasnt so.

Anyway we decided to keep all those things aside and took our seats. As the movie started, it seemed like some old-fashioned movie specially when the credits were displayed, it didn't really click. But we were just there.

I won't through much light on the story but I do have some comments to make on.

The first half was just like any other romantic movie. Frankly telling you Jaaneman seemed better as at least the script was different. The first half was just like any other movie, the only thing that kept it going was the stars and excellent performances by Salman,Rani,Amitabh,Hema. The songs were awesome - a delight. Everything seemed right in place, but come on we've seen so many of these kind of movies, give us a break?

Just before the intermission Salman has an accident. And believe it or not everyone clapped and i wondered maybe it was necessary. The story had to move on and that's why he had to die. Second half started with the hospital scene. Excellent scene, even the funeral scene and the scenes that followed up were great. Truly speaking the second half dominates and makes over for the losses of the first half. Everything is fast paced and John's entry brings in light to the dull story.

But sometimes we ever wondered if Amitabh was right about all that he said at the climax scene? And was Rani really right to agree for a remarriage? Some questions that will get mixed response.

Best Scene: Climax scene
Plusses: Performances, soothing music
Minuses: Dragging story in the first half


Amitabh Bachchan: At his best yet again, fits the father role to the T
Hema Malini: Quite good, tolerable, doesn't share a great chemistry with Amitabh as in Baghban

Salman Khan: Excellent, steals the show
Rani Mukherjee: Good, not at her best, we've seen her better in Black. But it's a delight to watch her.
John Abraham: Was he a miscast? He just couldn't handle the emotional scenes. Okay, nothing great.

Om Puri: Okay
Parmeet Sethi: Wasted
Aman Verma: Wasted
Rajpal Yadav: Okay

Others: Decent

Music: Good

Overall, I would say that you can watch this movie once for the performances and the story. Don't expect much, just a family entertainer.