4 Very Good

Anjaana Anjaani

I want to clear some thing about 'Anjana Anjani'. If you are thinking its an comedy movie then I want to clear that Its not only Comedy but Its an serious love story. It means not that there is no comedy there are some comic hilarious scenes in the movie.

First half is little bit Slow but it picks up in its second half with terrific love sequences , delightful music & some comic moments.

Anjana Anjani is an story about two peoples (Ranbir & Priyanka)who want to suicide with personal reasons and they make a plan to suicide on new year night of 31 December then what happens ? they have time of 20 days to live and they decide to enjoy their lives for 20 days and that is the story of Movie. what they are doing that 20 Days ? Will they commit suicide on 31 December ? To know more watch these hilarious love story.

Let's talk about Music. Vishal-Shekhar Music is Delightful. Anjana Anjani has delightful tracks but here I want to single out 3 tracks of the Movie. 'Hairat','Aas Pas Khuda','Anjana Anjani Title Track'.

Climax As usual happy ending, Because it's a love story not a tragedy.

Performances are Terrific. Ranbir is new Romantic Star, First Sawariya then Ajab prem ki gazab kahani & now Anjana Anjani, Wonderfully played role by Ranbir. Priyanka looks Pretty, Once again she performed very well.

Overall, Anjana Anjani is an Romantic Journey For those who like Romantic Movies. Its a gift pack for lovers.
Don't miss it.