2 Average

Aloo Chaat

What went wrong with Aaloo Chaat?
Good star cast, interesting story, promising soundtrack, all can found in the film. But the lack of direction and screenplay spoil the film.
Aftab went to America, where he found his love, Aamna who is a muslim. When he came back to India, his family wants him to marry. There start the problem. His uncle, Manoj pawal, gives him an advice, to take an American girl to the family to present as his girlfriend. There start the real story. The family has to compare Muslim and American.
Director Robby Garewal story start with a nice bang but it can be much better. He steps a back.
Aftab give a sincere performance. Aamna, we wish to get her more scoops. She has less footage to play. Sanjay Mishra was outstanding. Manoj Pahwa promise some funny moments.
On the whole, Aaloo chaat is an average fair. The film can be much better and well shot. Sadly, it didn’t hype to the expectation.