2 Average

ABCD – Any Body Can Dance – 2

The film begins on a Shimit Amin note, nosedives headlong into the Step Up theme, pulls off a Dil Toh Pagal Hai mid-way and ends with a dance- piece that is the film's best shot at absolution. What is infuriating, is that it wastes 154 minutes of your life in serving a rather insipid concoction of gorgeously orchestrated dances, an unexplored romance and oodles of unnecessary melodrama.

Taking the conventional and rather convenient route out, the film is the story of Suresh (Varun Dhawan) who is accused of plagiarizing a dance item, blemishing his Padmashri-winning dancer-mother's name (who you must note, died with her ghungroos on – a line that harps on her devotion towards dance). Ridicule follows in the most hilarious forms possible. People deny paying for pizzas just because their delivery boy was the part of a dance group that 'cheated' on a dance show. We will prefer to spare you the lamer details. Suddenly, a dance wizard – Vishnu Sir (with ulterior motives)- enters their lives and their world changes for better. Things fall in place with buttery smoothness. A group of dancers who earn their living doing menial jobs land the money to buy a ticket to Vegas and what follows is predictably mawkish.

Acting: Varun Dhavan and Shraddha Kapoor's dancing techniques are just outstanding. Prabhudeva is absolute master raging! He just makes you see with your mouth wide open while dancing!

Script: Good. You should not expect so much from a bollywood sequel but this sequel will prove you wrong.

Choreography: Do i need to tell this? Absolute Outstanding!

In All: ABCD 2 will impresses you as a sequel!