2 Average

ABCD – Any Body Can Dance – 2

Director Mr. Remo D'souza knows well to capture and portray the dance in grandeur and interesting way. This time there is no story. Main drawback of this film is very less emotional factor but yeah two scenes are very good in emotions, first when Vishnu meets his son and second the climax. Screenplay is very routine and predicative. You exactly know what is going to be happen. So, movie slows down at many places. Few things are gone overboard in the name of thrill, like the interval point thrill plot, the childish way to give the hint of love triangle, strain in leg to find scope for another previous actress's dance skill. Few scenes are good conceived keeping 3 D in mind, like one the bubble coming out from Vishnu mouth. Dialogues by Mayur Puri are good. They deliver humor and emotions. This type of movie requires dancers first then actors and first part has proved this very well. Here the protagonists are actors first so they have there own limitations. Let them lead, makers have to lower down the dance level of other brilliant dancers. I got goose bumps at the solo dance sequences of Prabhu Deva, Dharmesh and Puneet. I am surprised how can one feel sound if he is deaf!? So making Puneet deaf is also unbalanced approach in the name of doing some extra and different. Dance has shown in very good way but it also losses its first part emotional dose in it. Formation of Bharat Mata and Tri-Color through dance is mind blowing. When Puneet shouts and moans, his expressions are mind blowing and gives the required push to make climax very effective. Still I missed Ganesh Aachraya dearly as Gopi. He was surprise package in first part with humor and emotions. Performance wise Prabhu Deva as Vishnu is very impressive, in dance as well in emotions. Varun Dhavan is good to project emotions but dance wise others are quite better compare to him. Dharmesh and Puneet are great dancers. Pleasure to see them dancing. I wish, there could have been more dance of them. Shradha Kapoor is balanced, dance wise and acting wise. Louren Gottlieb is very good. Music by Sachin – Jigar, is foot tapping. One song "Mai Teri Chunariya" is very emotional and comes at right places. Fine work by its lyricist Mayur Puri.