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ABCD – Any Body Can Dance – 2

ABCD 2 is not a brilliant film but it does have its moments of brilliance. And choreography hitherto hits a new high!

But first the bad news!

Plotting is done at a peripheral level and story does not believe in building characters. Screenplay sways between cheeky and cheesy. Some scenes merely look like fillers in between dance shows. Screen-time could have been utilized in the journey of the competition however it tends to meander in half-baked sub plots. Introduction of new characters looks forced beyond a point. Parallels will be drawn out between yes you heard it right…Happy New Year. Some blatant product placements which could have been more suitably pitched. Overall feel to root for the underdogs was somewhere missing too.

However when you suddenly feel roadblocks, dance comes to the rescue!

Now how does the movie rise above ordinary: Dance is the life blood of the movie. Crocks, Dharmesh, Jack, Vernon, Punit ,Varun and a few others in the troupe are all brilliant and you do remember each one's distinctive acts. Prabhu Deva is seen performing an act that outclasses most of his previous ones. Varun Dhawan, one of the most accomplished dancers of bollywood and also leading the young brigade with 4 back to back hits hardly takes center stage thereby allowing much better dancers to hog the limelight and stage. Especially when Crocks is on-stage with Varun, it's difficult to take your eyes off him. Imagine a world level HIP HOP championship with a pedigree higher than 'So you think you can dance', Indian stunners led by Dhawan and co look like real competitors. Their incredible performances does lend credibility to the levels they reach in the competition. India which is actually not there on the world hip hop levels looks like it reaches, thanks to Remo , Prabhu and co. Looks like they are expressing their unfinished dreams through the narrative Prabhu Deva meeting his near ones- Should not be spilling the beans yet…Brilliant cinematic moment. Songs go well with the theme of the movie, you tend to remember a few and hum too. That makes music a plus for the dance movie. Lauren springs in a heady surprise with her fab entry and wonderful moves. And the finale does take your breath away at times!

And a few more reasons which definitely makes it a one-time watch!

By the way who needs to see competence in acting and story when you can satiate your movie buds with visually delightful moves doesn't stop the feel, 'wish I had learnt how to dance like em'

Varun Dhawan is moving up the ladder every time he comes up with his sparky and spunky performance. Sincere and underplayed true to the script demands, many might feel he wasn't up there this time. Looks like the role demanded a bit of an amateurish street boy profile for the kind of character he played. If some of his antics were deliberate then full marks to the performance and dance.

Shraddha Kapoor is a revelation. Watch out her scintillating moves. Performance otherwise is passé as the role doesn't have much to do apart from dancing and a bit romancing! A special mention on Crock and Dharmesh's funny acts at times. The way they counter their German rivals is genuinely funny. And Prabhu Deva gets to act more and dance less.

Watch it as it turns out for now India's best reply to ' StepUp' as we have stepped up our quotient.