5 Excellent

Aaja Nachle

FABULOUS MOVIE!! I don't understand why critics are not liking it, but then again critics have a weird taste that usually don't reflect mine. As I can tell from many users reviews all over, the critics have been extra weird in their verdict about this movie. Who will ever understand them, but screw them! Watch this movie, it is well worth it! My family and I drove for 5 hours from one province to another in order to watch Aaja Nachle, because my province doesn't show Bollywood movies. It's very cold here right now and we almost decided not to go anymore... I'm so glad we still went through with it, because it was well worth the effort! We even wanted to watch it for a second time right away, but my younger child was too tired. We all enjoyed the movie thoroughly! Madhuri is just too good!! I truly hope she will make at least a dozen more movies! The rest of the starcast, especially Konkona, Kunal Kapoor, Akshaye Khanna and Divya Dutta, were fantastic too! Aaja Nachle was a breath of fresh air... Lovely! Madhuri is still as gorgeous as ever, even more so than before! Wow!