4 Very Good



I picked up this cd a few days ago and have been waiting to write a review and found a decent platform in this site but for some reason the review was not put for a long time. Anyway here is what I think.

What appealed to me most is the mixture of songs in the cd. They range from grunge to dance to romantic. But they all seem to have something fresh to offer.

Sochmat and Delhidestiny are the best picks. Again both come from two different angles, one a very cool song and another a peppy pop song. Instead of so many remixes of wassup i wish there was a remix for sochmat.

Wassup is not bad at all but is kind of routine an expected these days. So is punjabi style except this song has surprising rock elements in it that make it more interesting than a sing is king kind of punjabi songs. Biggest dissapointment is the 99 theme which i already am trying to get it as my ringtone. but the dissapointment is that it is too short! what happened there?

Anyway overall I love the album and goes into my special cd case along with Dev D. It's definitely one of the coolest albums i have heard!