4.5 Excellent

Woh Lamhe

Flash Back : WOH LAMHE (My REVIEW)

A perfect emotional package with full of great performances... It's difficult to define the Woh Lamhe in some words.

Story : It's about a film actress suffering from Schizophrenia, the mental problems and a young film director very different from others who aims big. The script is the biggest part of the film as the film story attracts you from the beginning to the end. The story based on Mahesh Bhatt and Praveen Babi, it's full of moments with will make cry to all viewers. It's a romantic story, drama, emotional.

Performances : Kangana Renault show her talents and prove that she has long way to go. She makes you feel sad when you see the movie. Her character is difficult to enact and she perform extremely well and it's the biggest performance that she gave ever till date. She deserved to bag an award for Woh Lamhe but she just had an debutant award. The scenes when she suffering from Schizophrenia is extremely well... Shiny Ahuja gives a natural performance but he can act more. In some part, he gives a simple acting. Shaad Randhawa is impressive in the negative role as the role of Kangana Mom also. Masumeh, Purab Kholi are excellent in their part.

Music : Pritam gives the most memorable tracks ever like Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai, Chal Chale, Tu Jho Nahi hai... The music is excellent. They encourage the performances of Shiney and Kangana.

Technical : Mohit Suri is a great director as his earlier films (Zeher and Kalyug) show great positive reviews. He is a good story teller, and the tide script, it's a big film. He is excellent as the work seem on the film. Cinematography is also a great part of the film as the set is ordinary, resemblance to ordinary daily life scene, but it's beautiful. Dubai, the bungalow from the last part of the film, everything is excellent.

Best scenes : Kangana in Hospital when Shiny arrives to take her with him. Kangana in film shoot when she seen Rani, Shiny attract Kangana for his film, their love story after the time alone. From the beginning to the end, the scenes are brilliants.

Overall : Woh Lamhe stands out to be the best movie produced from Vishesh films. It's really disappointing that the film wasn't work in big way as it's deserves. But it's a beautiful film and it's can easily counted as the best movie of your own.