1 Poor


akshay...wy u repting ur roles,anil played da rol what jonny liver or rajpal yadav use 2 play. i enjoyed nana's work,but not satisfied.paresh da great great actor looked like picked from earlier movies.so many big names equals nothing.i really want 2 ask katrina is she acting smtng in her cming films or same 2 dialouges n 2/3 smiling scene wit dancing. i hav no comments 2 mallika sherawat,where big stars falls wt will do bechari.i m a akshay fan, i really wnt 2 know wy akshy took da role,wt interested him so much?after spndin so many year we all think a srk,aamir,akshay,salman film will never disappoint us,akshay r u happy wit da film?u looked like doing acting by forcing,u never enjoyed i think.
anil in this stage do u enjoy the popularity of majnu?