3 Good


Sorry ,Sorry to say Nana patekar was a misfit . Could not digest that he was Katrinas brother. Even though he is a gem of hindi film industry, even though a dialogue in the film tries to justify the difference of the skin colors, sorry we could not convince ourselves. With all due respect for Nana and his meaningful roles in films he should not have been chosen for that role. Who else will fit? Irfan Khan ! Leave it, Leave it.

Anil kapoor, the ladla of Indian film industry , tried his level best to transform into Majnu Bhai. The don.

Katrina has nothing to do in the film. Makers of her films should not ignore powers of her presence. One must allow her to act and contribute something for the story.

Now and then the flow of the story, and scenes slide down ex:-the shooting scenes making Nana an actor.

If at all some love and how it developed between hero and heroine was shown, how nice it would have been! It would have satiated the hearts of story listeners who are very much existing in the audiences of any cinema in the world.

If only the songs were different from each other in nature?

Please! Wait!

Don’t be in hurry to wipe “Welcome” as a waste. There is a lot more in it which welcomes you when you have spare time, when you do not have any other movie to watch and when you are in a mood to laugh and enjoy the silly but tickling moments of the film.

Please do not punish the makers for the drags. Pat them for the entertainment provided.

Akshay kumar the present , decent superstar , Paresh Rawal the true comedian , Anil Kapoor the lively , sincere, smooth actor and other small characters do attract us and contribute to the entertainment and about 20 loud laughs which take place automatically without our notice. The match fixing episodes were really hilarious. The presence of Feroz Khan was refreshing and elevates the lighter moments in the graveyard and the hanging house . Mallikas presence was needed. But really feel sorry for Majnu, when his painting was thrown into swimming pool.

If anybody has the patience to accept this light comedy and have the broad mind to pardon the faults of the story which lacks the depth, one can just walk in.