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Welcome 2 Karachi

In The Movie Welcome 2 Karachi, The Actors Arshad and Jacky has done a good job but the story of the movie is really NONSENSE. The Movie is exaggerated so much that it should be given 0/10 Marks but due to the hard work of the actors and some good humor, I had to give it 4/10 marks. The Duo goes to the Indian consulate and even a very common guy is carrying a very heavy gun (Even Intelligence officer is not having that type of gun). The movie indirectly wants to say that almost every Pakistani is a criminal and everyone in Karachi is a terrorist. After that a war begins between the consulates of the rival countries. Jacky and Arshad are kidnapped in the movie while walking on the road. A Group of Pathans attack on Arshad for speaking Against Shahid KHAN Afridi (A Pakistani Cricket Superstar). Arshad Tries to steal a pizza but even in the Pizza Box, there are weapons. All These Things try to prove that There is no other thing in Pakistan but Weapons and Pakistanis don't have anything to do but terrorism. Apart from these things, the humor (as already said) was very good and the acting skills of Arshad and Jacky made me to give them a satisfactory marks of 4/10.If the film had a better story and if it had shown some reality about Pakistan and Karachi, the rating would be different. But Good Work by Arshad and Jacky.