4 Very Good


I usually don't watch Indian movies unless I read two or three diverse reviews except movies of Aamir Khan and ShahRukh Khan which I do watch despite whatever reviews say. I'm not a big fan of Salman Khan movies because first he is not as good of an actor as Aamir or Shahrukh and his choice of movies are generally very bad. I read reviews of Veer on this site by Taran, who I think is perhaps one of the worst movie critic and I believe he writes his reviews as a favor to certain actors, directors and producers. Anyways I decided to give a shot to Veer, also because I wanted to check the new girl out. Surprisingly the movie turned out to be pretty decent. Its not the best period movie but definitely not the worst period movie either. At times it was getting childish, boring and lengthy but overall it kept me hooked up for the entire length of movie unlike 'Main Aur Mrs. Khanna' that I watched halfway and turned it off because it was horrible.

Anyways I will definitely recommend this movie to be watched atleast once. Songs are good too but I usually forward the songs.