5 Excellent

Uttar Dakshin

Uttar Dakshin is a fantastic entertaining movie thats been underrated in India. It borrows heavily from Yash Chopra's classic movie Trisul with Amitabh Bachchan. Amitabhs character is played by Jackie Shroff, Shashi's role is played by Rajnikhant. Sanjeev Kumar's role is played by Kulbushan and Subash Ghai has assisted in filming this. I don't know why this film was not a big hit it deserved. Ram Lakhan was a super hit and that copied heavily from deewar. Jackie Shroff is an actor i do not like, but he impressed me in this movie. Great acting, also good acting and sense of humour by Rajnikhant. Madhuri just looks beautiful to look at and how i would like to get naughty with her.