5 Excellent

Umrao Jaan

If you are discouraged from watching this movie (AS I WAS)because of the negative reviews, please read this!!!

They say its too long and there are too many songs etc, etc... this is all characteristic of hindi films!

This movie does not disappoint.
Aishwarya is simply stunning in this movie- at least watch it for her. I didn't think it was possible for her to be anymore gorgeous- boy was i ever wrong!!!
In the first song, she left me breathless. Speechless. Stunned. Wah-wah!!!
She is an amazing dancer, and actress! Too bad that her beauty distracts you from her acting talent...
The story is good- its based on a book! How badly could it be screwed up- the script's outline is written!!!
They say the movie is slow- i totally disagree- 3 hours passed in the blink of an eye for me.
I thought that they needed to elaborate on some scenes.
Aishwarya is simply a treat in this movie.
One scene is so cute- shes waitng for abhi by a window, and when she sees him comming, she rushes over to her bed, lies down and covers herself with a dupatta, and pretends to be asleep...
In no ways is this movie slow- all the diologue is required and in place...

I really enjoyed this movie- its great!
People judge bollywood movies by ridiculous standards nowadays. They want it to be like an american movie- well, its not. Its a bollywood movie, and its meant to be melodramatic. If youre not looking for that- then watch a hollywood movie.

out of 10 i give it a 9. it doesn't deserve anything less.

People seem to have mixed reactions about this movie- the good and the bad are balanced out to make it neutral- so go watch it for yourself and see if you like it or not!
I know I did, and I am happy I did! I am definately buying the dvd!!!