4 Very Good

Umrao Jaan

We all have heard abt Jp Dutta,ya his is the most perfect and long time film maker.
Umrao Jaan played by ASH was mind blowing and i think that she was better than Rekha
She was sexy in this movie.
I think Umrao Jaan has many pluses and only one or two minuses
Pluses:almost everything
Minuses: songs there was a tremdous flow of songs.there was atleast two songs in every 15 minutes in first half.though the songs were bombastic but too much is too much.salman ya salman was missing there.In the role of Abhishek Bachan Salman was to be suited.
On the whole Umrao Jaan will work but not as business but will work as critics.And a surely award winning performance by the team.