3.5 Very Good


I thought your film was alright. The trailer gave a wrong impression about the film. I thought it would be like Trainspotting with some fast cuts and editing.

Anyway, It started off really well. This Shahank Arora guy pulled off the role physically. He had this haunted expression on his face throughout. His gaunt body made you feel bad for the guy. That was a great casting choice.

Shivani Raghuvanshi who played his wife was also very good. They had a great chemistry between them. The scene where they walk to the car showroom and the way they interact with the snobby car salesman was well done. It sort of emphasized the feeling of desolation felt by these characters. I liked it. But such scenes were few and far between. You had to ruin it immediately when the brothers intrude with the violent car jacking scene. The day after the girl arrives in the house! What were you thinking? There was too much of Titli's brothers in this film. The whole film ought to have been about Titli and his wife. There should have been many scenes where Titli and his wife interact in their room. I mean, both of them are in a soup. It is them against the world. The brothers should have been in the background. Instead you have too many scenes of the brothers brushing their teeth and chewing on onions. My wife kept burying her head in my arms during the tooth brushing scenes. What was up with that? And the scene in the dirty toilet. What the hell dude? Why did you have to show all that stuff? Did you think you were making Salo or something? All these things served as distractions. And they were quite painful to watch. You are talented enough, there are enough scenes in this film to show that you have made a very personal film about something you felt very strongly. But why show off like this? There were too many teeth brushing scenes.

And what the hell were you thinking casting Ranvir Shorey as the big brother? He made no impact whatsoever.

But you did nail a a lot of things. As a misanthrope, I identified with the main character. The background score was quite good. I will definitely watch your next film, man. Even though I was quite disappointed by this film.

I admit that I turn to movies for things that I am not experiencing in real life. I want every film to be like my best friend. I am too subjective.

So yes. This whole review is very very subjective.