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The Great Indian Butterfly

The Great Indian Butterfly is a story of a young couple running in their 30s, Krish (Aamir) and his wife Meera (Sandhya). They set a trip in an open luxury car from Mumbai to Goa on a special mission to find out Great Indian Butterfly. The butterfly is very rare and extinct that brings unending happiness, success and peace in the life of the person who possesses it. In this journey, Krish and Meera begin to know the facts about their life. They identify and explore the gaps in growing pressure in their professional lives, the professional lives taking charge on their personal lives, sexless nights, extra marital date, promotion politics, peer pressure, recession dangers, double income no kids, dream house and more. They came to know all these facts as a part of happenings in their conversation as they discuss/argue during their journey from Mumbai to Goa.

Their conversation was interesting and keep hold the audience. The one-way commentary of Barry John was interesting on the most of the conversation of Aamir-Sandhya. Both the actors performed equally well. The movie is in English language which was a good decision that gives more authenticity to the story. The movie focuses more on the urban couple or the metro audience who are lives very busy lives. The movie is the kind of documentary film, having a subject in tit with less entertainment value.
After all this is a flop movie.