1.5 Average

Tees Maar Khan

Entertainment is a tricky affair. On one hand, film makers present their conviction in an idea or story that can be moving or heart warming whereas some choose the shorter path to success by giving the audience a mindless mess of comedy that can only be short-lived. Careers have been established with the former ideology but disaster has struck when in the name of entertainment, what was served to audiences was a garbage truck full of forced humour, mindless plots, overacting and trashy dialogues. That has happened far too often lately.
In retrospect, 'Main Hoon Na' was atleast sincere with its story and performances. The actors, music and comedy combined to produce a refreshing entertainer. 'Om Shanti Om', atleast the first half, was funny, musical and refreshing as well. However, while riding on the success and fame of two somewhat convincing successes, one does not gain the right to take the audience on a ride. Farah Khan has done just that and brought the audience down to her own level with 'Tees Maar Khan'.

A supposed con-artist named 'Tees Maar Khan', along with his aides – Dollar, Soda & Burger is out to execute their greatest job so far: Looting the royal treasure from a running train with the help of villagers who have been beguiled into believing that it's all part of a movie being filmed.
Get the point? Right from the beginning, nothing seems convincing at all.
Akshay Kumar lauding his character with a multitude of dialogues indicating that 'capturing him is pointless' has no effect. DON says something similar but with lasting effect. It's because of something called 'direction' which is missing from this movie. The greatest Con-artist who fools Indian Police and the Interpol is so unconvincing that one would wish he would take up another job. Akshay Kumar overacts his way through a character that has no life, background or foreground. Numerous flops in the last 2 years still has him playing the repetitive roles in brainless flicks. Hopefully, 'Patiala House' can change things for him.
Akshaye Khanna. What can one say for him. The Oscar hungry character of Atish Kapoor is funny at first but when he hams through every incoherent scene, it becomes an overkill of the once wonderful actor from 'Dil Chahta Hai' who was unforgettable as Sid.
Some of the supporting cast that includes Arya Babbar, Sachin Khedekar, Murali Sharma and Apara Mehta have done better justice to their roles than even the lead actors.
The only reason why people will knowingly spend money on this movie is because they were lured by Sheila Ki Jawani. That song is worthy of its hype. Rather, Katrina Kaif is worthy of her position in Bollywood right now. Her moves, classy attitude and to-die-for looks in the 'item number' will thoroughly entertain and Farah Khan has done her primary job of choreography quite well. We only wish for Katrina's versatility to be challenged as she was in 'Raajneeti'.

Vishal & Shekhar will only ride on the success of Sheila and nothing else. Compared to Farah's previous two, this film's score is a dud. Even Salman Khan's cameo cannot save the mediocrity of Wallah re Wallah.

The editor in the film must surely be the security guy outside Dhuliya bank since he was asleep all the time. The dialogue writer churned out only a handful of witty one liners before they too were lost in between the hamming, overacting, repetition and senseless situations. The key to successful comedies of late, has been in dialogues as one cannot really create funny scenes without a screenplay in existence.
Cinematography was very average and this film lacks the big budget feel if at all it had one. In case it did, UTV will have to rethink Farah Khan's calibre as a director they can invest in.

Farah Khan literally showcases her stupidity on multiple occasions. Take the airplane scene for instance where it all seems so over-the-top. The prolonging of the train's arrival in Dhuliya prepares you for the worst. The headless horse rider sequence was among the most incoherent of all, while the in-film director Tees Maar Khan's clueless behavior on the film's set must be an enactment of Farah Khan in reality. Finally when the train is stopped and the heist ensues, it all seems tragic as there was nothing funny, glorious or memorable about the basic premise of the 3 hour ordeal. The actors too, look weary of the proceedings in the end and one cannot help but dread Farah's intention of making a sequel to this time-wasting garbage of nonsense.

5.23 on a scale of 1-10.