2.5 Good

Akki-Kareena-Saif and Anil Kapoor's Tashan is the most hyped movie of this year.
And you're expecting a Dhoom II like stylish film with full of Action and style. You are expecting a nice Pizza, and you have got Desi paratha with Salad. That's the right words to use for the film.
The main problem with Tashan is its promotion. People are just watch the promos and they are just expecting something very well. But as people don't know what film is it, and that's the main reason why Tashan failed to impress.
The storyline isn't as bad as media had told.
Kareena work for anil kapoor (the don, who is mad to learn english). Karenaa find an english teacher(saif) for anil and they became closed. Then, Kareena run away with many money. Saif's responsable for all. He finds her with Akshay.
The story is a turning around a pot.
The plusses, the action sequences, Kareena, Akshay and even Saif is better.
The minuss, the script, the direction, Anil Kapoor.
Music, Caregrophy, Cinematography is great. But the film failed.