4 Very Good


Taqdeerwala is a Comedy movie with a Daft Script. The Main Actor is a dim witted man who wishes to be rich for the sake of his mum. In the other side of the world, there are 2 (I think Angels), who make a future book. There book falls down to Earth and the Actor catches it. When you open the book, you see the future e.g. Lottery Number. The Actor becomes a Millionaire and keeps the book. The comedy starts with these 2 Angels coming to Earth to find their books. This is a ultimate comedy movie and is almost is difficult, not to laugh. Don't think of the daft storyline, just watch the film and enjoy. It has some elements of Adam Sandler's LITTLE NICKY. But, This came out much before Little Nicky. Ventakesh is the main actor, looks pathetic but is a south Indian superstar. Raveena looks Pretty as usual in a good role. Shakti Kapoor is the Goon that makes you laugh in a Fantastic performance. Kader Khan is other Angel of Death in a Brilliant Performance that makes you cry of laughter. Asrani is the side angel in a funny performance that too makes you giggle. Anupom Kher is one of the funniest out the lot as the police officer that provides plenty of humour. This is a non stop entertainer.