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Tamanchey Movie Review

Tamanchey Movie Rating

Bollywood is a place which thrives on creativity and talent. Even though talent is irreplaceable, the creativity aspect sometimes gets 'translated' into many rehashes. A couple of weeks back, we saw the release of DESI KATTEY, which in English means country guns. This week again the 'country guns' are back in action with the latest release TAMANCHEY.

Looking at the promos of Navneet Behal's directorial debut film TAMANCHEY, it is kind of tricky to comprehend the genre of the film. That's precisely why you wait for the reels to unfold, to understand what the lead actors of the film would be up to.

The film starts off with Munna Manohar Mishra (Nikhil Dwivedi), a kidnapper from Uttar Pradesh and his escapades from the police. At one point, he 'encounters' a bindaas and dare bare girl Bindiya Thakur aka Babu (Richa Chhadda), who happens to be a street-smart drug peddler from Delhi. They meet each other in police custody while being escorted to jail in different police vans. A fateful accident of both the vehicles enables the lucky duo to escape from the clutches of the cops, most of whom are dead in the accident. They become each other's survival kit and guide. Munna, who is initially shell shocked to see a girl as bold as Babu, gradually gets used to her and her foul mouthed mannerisms. What initially starts off as hesitation for Munna, gradually transforms into a matter of the heart, while he (despite being engaged to an unseen girl from his village) falls head over heels in love with Babu, who, on the other hand, never reciprocates her feelings for him, despite being his partner in crime all the time.

Amidst an escapade train journey, the duo, after getting drunk inside a goods carrier, land up getting intimate with each other. It's only at 'dawn' that it dawns on Munna that Babu has left him, without any caveat. So much so, that when Babu had to choose between her much accustomed world of crime and Munna, she chose the former over the latter! A dejected Munna then goes all out in search of her and thus reaches Delhi, when he discovers a startling truth about Babu and her 'association' with the mercilessly brutal criminal Rana (Damandeep Sidhu). This time round, a determined Munna goes all out to woo Babu and win her over... all over again! While doing so, Munna and Babu accidentally land up killing a policeman. And the only person who can help them out is Rana, who is unaware of their romance which is brewing right under his nose. There is a sudden twist in the tale when Rana decides to leave the country along with Babu. And the only way by which they can escape this situation is by killing Rana.

Will Rana ever get a whiff of the romantic liaison between Babu and Munna, will the Babu-Munna duo kill Rana in order to succeed in their love, will police ever be able to arrest the smart trio of Munna, Babu and Rana is what forms the rest of the story.

This is director Navneet Behal's debut film, but he shows little spark. There are quite a few shaky moments in the film, which could have been tackled better by Navneet in order for the film to look glossier. The dubbing seems to have gone off at quite a few places whereas the camera angles look and behave very amateurish at places, especially during the climax fight scenes. Navneet should have adopted fresh ideas in the film's plot to make it more believable. In today's day and age, when technology, gadgets and gizmos are the call of the day for any kind of robbery, we see the actors in TAMANCHEY resorting to the 70's and 80's era of only wearing a mask and robbing the banks off its crores of rupees and jewellery! Even though the film drags a bit in the first half, the second half catches better pace.

As far as the performances are concerned, Nikhil Dwivedi, who is no stranger to the gangster domain, delivers what was expected of him. Even though there are a handful of places where his flaws makes the viewers guffaw, he is otherwise decent in his part. He delivers a sincere performance, if not effortless. On the other hand, it is the fiery Richa Chadda, who carries the film. Richa, whom we have seen in similar roles in the past, excels in this film too. She does proper justice to the role and to the script. Newcomer Damandeep Sidhu does full justice to the role of the treacherous Rana. If he chooses his films properly, he surely can become the face of terror in the days to come.

Even though the music (late R.D.Burman, Krsna, Ikka, Intense, Dj Khushi) of the film is hummable, it fizzles out from the memory as the film ends. Needless to say that the only songs to stand out (read 'the musical saving grace of the film') is the recreation of the legendary R.D. Burman's song 'Pyar Mein Dil Pe Maar Le Goli'. The background score towards the climax of the film seems to be heavily inspired from Quentin Tarantino's KILL BILL series.

The film suffers in the editing department (Manish Jaitly) and so does the cinematography (Dani Sanchez Lopez). The film's screenplay (Shailesh Pratap Singh, Bharat Ratan) is very average, while action sequences (Kaushal & Moses) seem very stereotyped and bring nothing new to the table.

All in all, TAMANCHEY is an average fare.

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