1.5 Average

Singh Is Kinng

Absolutely disappointing fare! The content of the film just does not live up to the title of the film. In fact, the title is misleading. It is just another Akshay Kumar routine comedy. Only this time, the difference is it has come out after several Akshay Kumar hits with a solid title + too much hype.

I cannot believe how Taran Adarsh gave such a glowing review. He does this regularly--hyping up average to below average films. Taran Adarsh revievs have already lost credibility; he better take stock of how to review.

Singh is Kinng is so low on the content and entertainment that what could have been Akshay's solo-hero blockbuster is now wasted. Word of mouth is negative and the film will run out of fizz in the coming days.

Wait for the dvd to rent and watch it. You are not missing out on anything...no action, no sizzling ladies...comedy...nothing.