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Showbiz Music Review


Associating great music with films coming from the house of Bhatts is hardly something that qualifies as breaking news. Repertoire of Vishesh Films

over the years has been a standing witness of a golden run that majority of albums coming from the production house have enjoyed at the music

stands. Ok, so there has been an odd Dhokha which didn’t really have set the charts afire but Awarapan more than compensated for


This is why one expects Showbiz to entertain music lovers before the year closes, especially so since the film itself deals with the glamorous

world of 'showbiz', media and paparazzi! With Sayeed Quadri being roped in as a lyricist and Lalit Pandit picking strings together after a split with

Jatin, Showbiz appears to be an interesting soundtrack waiting to be explored. Sadly, reality turns out to be different from what one had

expected as the album doesn't quite succeed in making a mark.

The first thing that excites a listener is the presence of names like KK, Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal, the trio who share the songs within them. Singers

who truly belong to current times, their presence in the album guarantees some soulful melodies in the offering. This is what one witnesses in the

opening track of the album 'Tu Mujhse Jab Se Mila Hai'. A soft rock track, 'Tu Mujhse' is a KK solo which is set in a concert and

creates a platform for newcomer Tushar Jalota to establish his rock star character.

As always Quadri's lyrics stick to the basics and remain simple while conveying a message of thanks to the lady which the protagonist loves! The

version which follows next just changes the texture of the song a little with rearrangements of beats and a touch of rap-n-reggae rather than coming

across as a conventional remix track.

Yet another rock track follows, this time with an added passion, in the form of 'Meri Palak Ka Tu Hi Sitara'. Set in a mode similar to that

of 'Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai' [Gangster], 'Meri Palak...' has K.K. at the helm yet again. As always, he is reliable though it is the portion

around the lines 'Meri Palak Ka Tu Sitara....' which brings in the maximum intensity due to the way the song is orchestrated. Apart from this

portion, the song doesn't quite bind you to the proceedings and one starts wondering if Lalit had a task in hand to mould his style as per the kind of

music which Bhatt brothers expect for the soundtrack of their films!

In comparison the 'unplugged' version of the song which comes later manages to create a better impression. KK sounds truly in his elements in this

version that has minimal music in the background for back up as the singer is required to hold center stage. This one deserves to be played in a

repeat mode on a lonely night with the lights off!

For the first time in the album a female voice is heard when the song 'Kash Ek Din Aisa Bhi Aaye' arrives. Shreya Ghoshal pairs up with

Shaan for this romantic track that merely passes muster. Neither the 'mukhda' nor the 'antara' is anything different from being conventional and even

after repeated listening, 'Kash Ek Din..' doesn't quite hit the mark, let aside coming anywhere close to the chartbuster status that songs from

Vishesh Films achieve. In fact, at an instance or two, the song also resembles the kind of music which MM Kreem has created in the past but in

totality, 'Kash Ek Din..' drags even as it comes in the shorter 90 second version 'Meri Ibtada' and makes you look search for something

better in the last track of the album.

Okay, so this one is a true disappointment! How else could one explain Lalit Pandit actually picking up 'Deewana Deewana Ho Jaaye'

composed by Sanjeev-Darshan from Indra Kumar's Rishtey [Anil Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty] and sell it as 'Duniya Ne Dil

Toda'. Even 'Deewana Deewana' wasn't a great song to begin with and an even surprising part is to see 'Duniya Ne...' coming

across as a sad track and failing to cut the ice in spite of KK's presence. Not happening!

In totality, Showbiz doesn't quite qualify as one of the better soundtracks of Vishesh Films. In spite, of their great lineup, every year there is at

least one such soundtrack from the production house which doesn't quite go an extra distance and live up to the expectations. In 2005 it was

Nazar, in 2006 it was The Killer and in 2007 it has been a double bill with Dhokha followed by Showbiz.

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