5 Excellent


Everybody knows this is the Best Bollywood film ever made. I am surprised that this films rating in IMDb is not 10 /10 that it deserves. If you ask any Bollywood genius about this movie, they will tell you its the Best film of all time. Its no. 1 in the top 100 Best Bollywood Movies Stardust magazine. This movie had all the elements to make a great movie. Great Acting, Great Dialouges, Great music, Violence, comedy, Romance, Emotions and Relationships (Friendship). It stars Bollywood's Greatest ever actor Amitabh Bchchan in a Powerhouse performance. Dharmendra in his Best film that I've seen. Hema Malini is fantastic as the in famous fast talking Basanti. Jaya Bachchan is superb as the quiet widow. Amjad Khan steals the show as the legendary famous Villain Gabbar Singh. The other cast have done a decent job. This is the Greates Film Bollywood have released. Fullstop.