3.5 Very Good


Shaandaar is an upcoming Indian romantic comedy film, directed by Vikas Bahl and produced by Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane. And I don't consider to discuss about the casting as you all know that. Its Kapoors and Bhatt.

Two super rich business families of India have decided to turn in- law to each other as part of a business merger. This wedding is taking place at castle in Europe. Mrs. Kamla Arora is the grandma in the family and the sole owner of the billion dollar business. Now this big family is giving their girl to Sanjay Kapoor's son who is Sindhi businessman. Then it comes to the love story between Aliya (Alia Bhatt) and Jagjinder Joginder (Shahid Kapoor). Like any other father, Pankaj Kapur feels that there is no guy who deserves his daughter and going by the same logic, doesn't approve of Jagjinder. While Aliya and Jagjinder hold two opposite personalities who have got attracted to each other. Karan Johar makes a cameo. Sahid Kapoor's Sister Gulabo (Sanah Kapoor as Isha) debuts here. Will this fairy tale love story get a happy ending or will Bipin ruin this dreamy love affair! (Though you can predict) Watch the film to find out.


Pankaj Kapur has simply excelled in his role. Next comes, his son (off camera), Shahid Kapoor whose chemistry with Alia Bhatt is just too adorable and mesmerizing. Shahid has been seen in roles that have been so different from one another and we'll see Shahid to deliver his role once again! Alia makes you fall in love with her. The highlight of the movie is the direction, the script. The cinematography is another USP of this film, where each shot looks like a beautiful picture. Kindly don't relate the movie with Queen.

Wrapping up :

Go For :

• Acting, Storyline, Music in short almost everything. And obviously Shahid and Alia.

Bypass It For :

• The second half is little boring and lack of emotions.

• Sanjay Kapoor

• Frankly there is not big reason to bypass Shandar.

For me its : Shandaaaar ! It will entertain you.